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RLI In-Home Business

Like the personal umbrella policy it is offered in all 50 states and is written for a wide variety of retail and service businesses.  RLI's IBP offers a complete package to insure home-based entrepreneurs' every an affordable price including:

  • Up to $50,000 Business Personal Property coverage including theft both on and off premises
  • Up to $1 Million in Business General Liability protection both on and off premises
  • A standard $100 deductible
  • Up to $5,000 per person for medical payments to customers or vendors injured on your premises
  • Coverage for loss of business income
  • Optional coverages for Money and Securities
  • Minimum premiums ranging from $150-$450 depending on the location and type of business
  • Direct Bill to the insured at renewal
  • Agent commission is 10%.

HBP Eligible Class Descriptions

Abuse Molestation Exclusion Endorsement

Agricultural Operations Exclusion

Amendment of Insured Contract Barbers & Beauticians

Professional Liability Endorsement

Communicable Disease Exclusion

Internet and Electronic Communications Exclusion Endorsement

Failure to Suppy Exclusion Endorsement

Food Contamination & Selected Products Exclusion Endorsement

Fungi or Bacteria Exclusion (Liability) Endorsement

Intellectual Property Hazard Exclusion Endorsement 

Exclusion of Loss Due to Virus or Bacteria Endorsement

Limitation-Energy Equipment as Business Personal Property Endorsement

Medical Expenses Coverage Exclusion Endorsement 

Personal & Advertising Injury Endorsement 

Personal Property Off Premises Limits Endorsement 

Pet Sitting & Plant Care Services Endorsement 

Rental Dwelling Exclusion

Residential Inspection Services Endorsement

Selected Products Liability Exclusion Endorsement

Indentity Fraud Expense Coverage

Garagekeepers Coverage

Businessowners Coverage Forms

BOP 2nd Location Instructions

BOP 2nd Location Supplemental Form

2013 Businessowners Multistate Forms Revision Advisory Notice to Policyholders

RLI BOP Rating Guide, HBP117 ME (08 12).pdf

RLI Home Business Application 0418.pdf

RLI Terrorism Form.pdf
In preparation for the possible Terrorism Risk Insurance Act program termination on December 31, 2014; Home Business Insurance will be attaching a Conditional Exclusion of Terrorism Form to insured policies.  The following forms are mandatory policy forms, and will attach to all policies with an effective date of  01-01-2014 and after, and apply as follows:
BP 05 64 (01/07) - Conditional Exclusion of Terrorism (Relating To Disposition Of Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance Act)

UW 20355 (09/13) Policyholder notice that accepts coverage for terrorism

UW 20356 (0913) Policyholder notice that rejects coverage for terrorism