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Anderson & Murison Personal Umbrella



(Alternative Market)

When the RLI umbrella​ is not the correct fit, Monarch offers primary and excess umbrella layers up to $10M. This product is available in all 50 States. Various billing options, including direct bill, are available. Choose from admitted and non-admitted products. Features include:

  • Minimum underlying for locations is 300K, autos 250/500/100 (including CA), or for any excess umbrella layer minimum limit is $1M
  • High profile, entertainment, sports, or political figures are acceptable
  • International drivers & locations may be accepted
  • Additional Insureds can be included
  • $2M UM is available in some states
  • $25,000 ID theft available
  • No MVRs required, easy process for application
  • More payment options than the competition.