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Need help now?  Consider hiring a WAHVE!  


Recruit - Assess - Train - Retain ~ Check out BigIHires

Ranahan Business Consulting - offering a full service recruiting team to develop job ads, source candidates, review for viability, schedule and conduct telephone interviews, send feedback and deploy pre-hire assessments!  Learn more.......

Winning@talent - PIA members receive a complimentary toolkit for hiring, motivating and retaining employees! 

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Finding the Right Fit 

Caliper Personality Test - Caliper's hiring assessments help identify which person is best suited for a given job based on their intrinsic motivation relative to the role's responsibilities.  Discounted pricing available to MIAA members.

Omnia Group - Behavorial Assessment Tool's to make the best choice for the position.  Discounted pricing available to PIA members.  

Thinking about joining the insurance industry?  These links are for you!