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New Hire Training

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On Demand, Online Training for New Hires & Emerging Leaders 

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 Sample Packages                                          

                          Intro to Insurance

                          CL Coverages

                          PL Coverages 

                          Advanced Communication & Negotiation Skills

                          Business Communication Fundamentals   
                                  Client Management Essentials

                                                                                                                           Emerging Leaders

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Producer & Account Executive Training from the comfort of your office is now available! Risk Solutions IQ is a 10 week training program for Commercial Lines Producers and Account Executives.


This is a partnership with the Institutes whereby you can learn the basics of insurance while earning a designation.  We also recommend the 3 Day Pre-Licensing Course held at the MIAA office twice a year.  

csr bootcamp2.jpgMore details:
Step 1:  Successful starts for CSR's 

You can also sign up for the 3 Day Pre-Licensing Course offered twice yearly (April & Oct) at the MIAA Office in Hallowell. 

New Employee Training Partnership with MERG

In this "virtual classroom" employees log in to complete 1-3 hours of course work each week.  There is no travel, no interruption to daily agency activity and most importantly, no time out of the office.  Your new hire can connect with other rookies, bounce questions off the facilitator and learn about critical service and communication skills in manageable pieces in the comfort of their own home or office.  Work can be completed off-line and then pasted in on-line.  Time to complete the course is 3 hours max per week.  The student is expected to:

1. Read a chapter and/or e lecture. 

2. Perform at least one activity a week in the agency.  Activities are designed to create employees who are learn proactively, observing procedures and asking questions.

3. Post observations about the activity.

4. Particpate in a discussion question weekly with classmates and the faciltator.

5. Take occassional quizzes and a final exam.


MORE information on how a MERG classroom works? Click here to learn more

Each of the following virtual courses are offered numerous times thoughout the year - click on the course name for additional details:

Personal Lines Coverage Basics
2019 MERG Flyers through end.pdf 

(typically recommended for employees with 3-9 months experience)
  - Introduction to Property Insurance
  - Introduction to Liability Insurance
  - Dwelling Insurance
  - Homeowners Insurance
  - Personal Auto Insurance
  - Misc Personal Lines

Commercial Lines Coverage Basics 
2019 MERG Flyers through end.pdf

(typically recommended for employees with 3-12 months experience)
  - The Commercial Package Policy & the BOP
  - Commercial Property Insurance
  - Ocean & Inland Marine Insurance
  - Commercial General Liability Insurance
  - Commercial Automobile Insurance
  - Commercial Crime Insurance
  - Workers Compensation
  - Misc Commercial Lines Insurance

Make Your New Employee A Winner
2019 MERG Flyers through end.pdf
  - Build a foundation of knowledge about insurance
  - Explore the big picture of insurance including terms and key concepts
  - Discover how the agency delivers service to customers
  - Teach the importance of E&O prevention techniques

 2019 DQS-Full year.pdf
  - Develop relationships through active listening
  - Take ownership of the customers' problem
  - Speak positively in negative situations
  - Help confused or irate customers
  - Clarify expectations and confirm work plans
  - Minimize E&O risk through proper documentation and consistency with procedures
  - Explore the workflows within the agency's system


Join us at the MIAA Office for the next pre-licensing class. 

Property & Casualty - NEW! Custom Maine Workbooks for the PC class!

April 14-16, 2020

July  TBD

October 20-22, 2020

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