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Agency Management

Agency Valuation & Perpetuation Consulting

Do you know your agency’s value? To best protect you, your staff, your clients and your agency’s future, it’s important to have a thoughtful plan in place, and that starts with knowing your agency’s value. Thanks to a brand new partnership with Carey Wallace and her consulting company, Agency Focus, MIAA members will receive a FREE 30 minute consultation with Carey. This discussion will review your agency’s needs and provide you with advice and resources focused on business planning, agency operations, compensation strategy, and more! This is a huge, new opportunity for members to get one-on-one time 
with one of the industry’s experts on data, valuation and perpetuation planning.  Learn more...............


ACORD FORMS With your Big I Membership 

Starting Jan. 1, 2020 Big I members with annual P&C gross revenue of less than $50 million will receive a complimentary license to use ACORD forms.

On Jan. 1, 2020, ACORD began charging all users of ACORD forms an End User License (EUL) fee including agents, brokers, and carriers. Currently, most agents access ACORD forms via their agency management systems or other ACORD-authorized third-party forms redistributors.  The Big 'I' has negotiated an agreement with ACORD, wherein Big 'I' will cover the cost of the End User Licenses when accessing via a management system or redistributor, or provide an EUL discount when accessing directly through ACORD Advantage Plus Program.
The result of this agreement is that your agency will not have to pay the End User License fee to ACORD, and agents will experience no change in your management system workflow or use of ACORD forms beginning on Jan. 1, 2020 - with the exception of an initial, and then annual, validation to confirm Big 'I' membership.  This will be executed via a clickthrough acceptance.  Learn more..........

ACORD FORMS with your PIA Membership 
ACORD requires all users of ACORD Forms, including independent agents, to obtain an ACORD Forms End User License, regardless of how the forms are accessed. Independent agencies that are not participants in an eligible ACORD Forms program must typically purchase a paid End User License. However, PIA is happy to announce that we have entered into an agreement with ACORD that allows eligible PIA-member agencies to execute their annual license for free, or to participate in ACORD’s Advantage Plus Program at a reduced rate.  Learn more...
PIA Blueprint for Agency Success
Your 3-part resource guide for business planning, growth strategies and agency continuity.  Learn more.......

The Agent Experience
Practical infomration and resources to help you develop and grow customer customer relationships online.  Learn more.......